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Upload Graphic Files

Graphic Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Digiworks Multimedia.
For your convenience, we have created this file upload area
as an effective means of sending us your graphic files.

There is no size limit and you are welcome to send as many as
five files per upload. Simply re-fresh the page to send more.

If you have any problems, please cotact us at anytime:

email-graphic questions

Graphics Instructions

1) Keep all images at or above 300 dpi

2) Always use CMYK not RGB!Spot (Pantone) colors are acceptable for the disc face

3) Include all links and paths (Illustrator and Quark)

4) Make sure you extend your graphic 1/4" beyond the solid line to the bleed line or dashed line) on the template. The solid line is where the paper is cut after printing.) The CD face does not require bleed, simply extend artwork to the first solid line.

5) Keep templates on separate layer from artwork

6) Please upload editable files as Digiworks may have to make slight
graphic alterations.

7) Please request a bar code from us if you do not already have one.

Usable Formats:
Mac or PC
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator (recommended)
-.tiff (Include all workable layers)
-.PDFs (Include all workable layers)

Printable graphic Instructions

Upload Graphic Files Here
(There is no size limit)

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