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Analog Mastering

Mastering Prices


Please read before you Upload!!!

1) Make certain no processing was done to the master
2-track (i.e. Limiting, multiband compression, and EQ)

2) Leave approximately 5 DB of headroom on the mix

3) Send as an uncompressed .WAV or .AIFF
(Do Not Send .MP3s or WMA's)

4) Please be sure to include your name and contact
information when uploading.


If you have any questions or problems
please contact:


*We will master your first song
free of charge!

All mastering is contracted through the Mastering Studio, Audio Bay Mastering.
We've reduced our prices significantly for 2009 as a response to our present economy. The below prices
will be honored for the remainder of the year.

The total price depends
on the length of the
entire album.

What is Analog Mastering?
Analog mastering is the enhancement of stereo
audio mixes using outboard gear - that is, anything
that is not software based. Most of our gear is
vintage tube or solid-state hardware from Neve,
Manley, API, Avalon and Telefunkin. The sound is
unmistakable: rich, full, clear and consistant.

During the mastering process every detail is
considered. EQ, compression, and other dynamic
sound processing is utilized to create a consistant
sound from track to track. We deliver "maximum
everything" with a priority turnaround.

Please email us
with any questions.

email-mastering questions

DigiWorks Multimedia
8069 Cannonsburg Road, NE
Rockford, MI 49341

Fax: (866) 216-8477

Can you master any musical style?
Absolutely! Analog mastering enhances the
sonic quality, "presence" and richness of a mix regardless of instrumentation or style. Upload a
song and hear for yourself what great analog
gear and 12 years of professional mastering
experience can do for your mix.

The Process

Upload a song (see instruction this page) and give
us 48 hours and hear the difference - it is completely risk free. If you like it, upload your entire album and we'll get it done with priority turnaround.

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