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since 1999
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About our company...

Digiworks is a CD & DVD replication and duplication company
based in Rockford, MI. We work with numerous companies and
artists including record labels, managers and solo artists
accross the midwest.

300 Full color cardboard sleeves w/ CD: $499
  - Full color professional off-set printing
- Professional direct-to-disc printing on disc
- Grade AA- Pro Media w/ data verification
- *No hidden costs - No "Extra" charges. Pick up orders and save on shipping!
- 6 Day Turn!

We provide our clients with the
highest quality digital media, silk-
screening, printing & packaging avail-
able. In addition, we work personally
with customers to provide creative
design and packaging solutions to

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best fulfill project requirements.

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We pride ourselves on
customer service, quality,
and fulfillment. Our project
teams oversee each step
of the process from design
to packaging, ensuring the
personal attention our
clients deserve.
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Digiworks full guarantees our products and services.

Please email us any comments or questions.

DigiWorks Multimedia
8069 Cannonsburg Road, NE
Rockford, MI 49341

Fax: (866) 216-8477

300 Full color CDs packaged in slimline jewelcases: $1.89 per unit
*special for local artists: come to DigiWorks and package your own CDs (SAVE $55)

Includes 1 panel insert (multi page inserts available)

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